Advertising on the Roanoke Texas Business Alliance’s website is open to the Business Community to market their Businesses Products and Services provided there is not an Alliance Member already advertising in that Specific Industry/Position. The exception to this is the Entertainment and Hospitality Industries where we do not limit advertisers by Industry or Profession for advertising or for Alliance Membership. Those two industries all offer unique features and are not competing against a single type of Company. Exclusivity is only for Alliance Members only, however if you place an ad prior to someone signing up to be an Alliance Member, they will simply be notified that there are company(s) already advertising in their Professional Category and can still join with that understanding! All ads (Business Adverting, Business Coupons, Sponsor Ads, and Community Spotlights are for an ENTIRE YEAR (365 days!) Ads are also editable, so you can change up your focal point at any time! This is especially convenient for those BUSINESSES that use COUPONS. Not only can the Special be Changed out at any time but so can the Expirations Dates. Restaurants could literally change their Specials and Expiration Dates every month. Please text Bill Mueller at 817-999-4901 prior to placing your ad to make sure your Industry/Profession is still available if you are not in the Hospitality or Entertainment Industries which are always available. The majority of all traffic generated by the alliance and their marketing on Social Media will be directed to our website:

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