Benefits & Expectations

Benefits & Expectations

Member Benefits:
We are a new kind of Networking Group, in addition to our regular weekly meetings and social gatherings we put the power of the internet and social media behind what we do! We support our members through a dedicated website to market their products and services. Spouses are not only invited to attend our social gathers, they are highly encouraged to attend. Additionally, we make an effort to give back and make an impact through our non-profit organization.  We don’t  take advantage of our member’s time and burden them down with administrative positions and duties. Although we covet their participation, and ideas to help grow our alliance, we understand they are here to build their business network and friendships! We may ask for volunteers to head up a social gathering etc., but we won’t ever obligate anyone to regular weekly tasks.

Advertising: Every member receives advertising included in their membership! The amount of advertising depends of the level of commitment.  The Alliance has two Membership Packages: the Business Membership and the Alliance Sponsorship. Members enjoy discounted advertising that comes as a part of their membership!

Exclusivity: All members will be exclusive by Industry/Profession except for the Entertainment and Hospitality industries in which we feel each establishment has unique characteristics and there is no need for exclusivity.  The only exception to this is if we don’t have anyone in an Industry/Position, it remains open for someone or multiple people to purchase advertising for that Industry/Profession. If there is already someone that has purchased advertising and then someone choses to Join the Alliance, they will be notified that there are advertisers in their Industry/Profession.  Either way they benefit as they will get the same advertising at a less expensive rate and also get to participate in weekly Networking Meetings and Group Functions!

Attendance at Weekly Networking Meetings
Only members can be regular attendees at our weekly networking meetings. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the personal relationships they gain through investing time with like minded professionals.  Every week members get to share about themselves, and their company while  highlighting their services and specific needs to a group of people dedicated to assisting them in growing their business.  They can be put on rotation with other members to give a short presentation to the group. If they have someone video their presentation it can be uploaded to YouTube and linked to our site at no additional fee!

Member Expectations:
We do have expectations of our members to remain in good standing. Below you will see a list of expectations for our members. We have made these expectations easy to accomplish under normal circumstances. However, we understand that we are a group of busy business professionals and things come up; people get sick; and family obligations and emergencies happen, etc.  We want to be flexible; yet at the same time these expectations are for the benefit of all members. We expect ALL members to be Contributing Members.  


Create your Business Listing within 3 days of registering for membership.

Attend a Training Session with our Training Coordinator on  “Using Social Media to get the Most out of Your Membership:” within the first 30 days of Membership!. (Approximately 45 minutes via Zoom.)

Members are Required to have their Company Represented at the Majority of the Alliance Network Meetings!  If you are unable to make a meeting we would appreciate it if you would do your best to have a substitute take your place that is a decision maker for you company and position. Member companies cannot miss more than two times or more in any three months during their annual membership without representation.

Take the time to Endorse fellow members and the Alliance at least twice a week on your social media platforms with a link from our members business listing on This could result in literally thousands of people hearing about your business. A good way to start is to endorse one Member and the Alliance itself once a week and share it to different social media outlets.  It should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes a week to endorse a fellow member (their services, new products, personal testimony) and the Alliance (invitation to other businesses, alliance testimony, the website itself.) Remember when someone links anyone, for any reason to our website it gives exposure to everyone.

  • Failure to create your business listing in the first three days or failure to take your training in the first 30 days will keep your position from being locked in and if we accept another applicant after 3 days your money will be refunded on a pro-rated basis minus a $75 service Fee.
  • Failure to meet our attendance or endorsing/marketing criteria could result in the termination of the Member without refund.  Any such decisions made are done on a case by case basis under the consultation of other Alliance Members and ultimately made by the Association Facilitator. Often if the offender is over mostly through their membership year the Facilitator will elect to let the member finish out their term and then fill their position with someone we feel will be more committed to the Alliance


Try to make as many of our social events as you can and bring your spouse or significant other if possible. By fellowshipping together we become closer and build long-term relationships. Spouses will get the opportunity to meet everyone and will become much more likely to endorse your fellow members and friends as well.  Once spouses have bought into supporting the success of the group, we will see ever increasing traffic to our site which will translate to more business for our members.

Schedule one-on-one appointments with your fellow members. It is important to develop close ties within the group! The better you get to know your fellow members and the better they get to know you, the greater the chance you will be comfortable recommending each other’s business. We recommend that at some point you do a one on one meeting with everyone in the group as your schedule permits.

Do your best to give direct “Action Leads” to fellow members.  This is a natural by product of becoming a close group that cares about the success of our fellow members. By “Action Leads” we mean exactly that: a consumer who is ready to take action.  Provide your fellow member with all pertinent information concerning the consumer needing their product and/or service, and let the consumer know to expect a call within a couple of days. If you give your fellow members information to a consumer, follow up with them to make sure they have reached out to them, (don’t leave them hanging.)