Roanoke TX Business Alliance FAQ's

When and where does Roanoke, Texas Business Alliance (RoanokeTXBA) host their meetings?

Weekly meetings are currently held from 7:45am to 9:00am Thursday mornings at the IHOP at the NW corner of Hwy. 114 and I35. We have a private room which is available from 7:30 if you wish to come early and have coffee or breakfast and fellowship with other Alliance Members.

Is the RoanokeTXBA Industry or Profession Exclusive?

Yes the Roanoke Texas Business Alliance is Industry/Profession Exclusive. For Example: Insurance is an industry but there are numerous Professions within the industry. P&C Insurance Sales, Medical Insurance Sales and Life Insurance Sales would all be considered different Professions.  Check with us prior to registering for Membership by texting Bill at 817-999-4901.  In the event there is a disagreement on whether or not one profession infringes on another profession the facilitator will determine what is in the best interest of the Roanoke Texas Business Alliance.

What is the cost of membership for the RoanokeTXBA?

There are two types of memberships: the Alliance Sponsorship ($495) and the Business Membership ($795.) Both memberships are annual and provide you advertising on the www.roanokeTXBA.com website. The Alliance Sponsorship  simply stated gives you additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities ($650.00) in added benefits.

Are there additional costs in which RoanokeTXBA Members will incur?

It is a priority for The RTBA to keep any additional fees to a minimum. The IHOP was chosen because they have a reasonably priced menu. You can enjoy a full breakfast, or just a cup of coffee. There is no obligation to purchase anything however we would encourage you to at least leave a couple of dollars for service. Periodically we will have social outings where we encourage you to bring your spouse. We will try to patronize our local establishments, especially ones that may be an Alliance Member. Effort will be made to keep the costs down for these gatherings; however, you will be responsible for your own purchases.

What will be the format for the RoanokeTXBA Meetings?

It should be understood that we are business professionals and every effort will be made to honor your time.  Meetings will begin and end on time, so if you have places to be, you can rest assured you will not be kept over unless you choose to continue to network with fellow members. We follow the basic format below and still remain flexible enough to make changes as new ideas and opportunities are presented. Let’s partner together, pass referrals, give
testimonies, and most importantly let’s have fun doing it! You won’t be pressured, or disciplined if you miss a meeting or didn’t bring a referral some week.  That being said when it comes time for renewals and we have someone that is not contributing to the group they may be asked to step aside to allow someone we feel will be more committed to the group. You usually only get out what you are willing to invest into something or more often in someone. You reap what you sow!

General meeting format: Time allotted for each item may vary depending on attendance.

  • 7:45 – 8:00: Pre-meeting gathering for those that wish to fellowship over coffee or breakfast!
  • 8:00 – 8:05: Meeting begins – Introduction of  visitors or new members!
  • 8:05 – 8:10: Keeping it light /Educational Moment. How you can get the most out of the group!
  • 8:15 – 8:30: Brief introduction of your businesses (30 Second – 1 Minute Elevator Speech – Depending on amount of People)
  • 8:30 – 8:40: Testimonies, Referrals, Closed Deals, Wins, and Thank You’s.
  • 8:40 – 8:55: Alliance Member Speaker and Question and Answer Session!
  • 8:55 – 9:00: Closing remarks and announcements!

What if there isn’t a category for my Business?

Then simply contact Bill @ 817-999-4901 and we will make a category for you as long as it doesn’t conflict with our other members’ categories.

What makes RoanokeTXBA.com different than other Business Networking Programs?

  • We are less regimented, flexible, and more fun, with no corporate structure guidelines dictating how our group must function. Our Networking Group can adapt and change if we feel it is beneficial to the Alliance.  Your input is always welcome.
  • We are business friendly for beginning or extremely busy and successful entrepreneurs; although we would like for you to make as many of the meetings as possible we understand you are a business professional with appointments, deadlines and co-workers depending on you.
  • We offer a professional way to refer and endorse fellow members throughout social media by simply sharing a link to our professional website. The ads you get free on our website can have significant value. If we have even 20 members and each one markets you on their social media a couple of times a year, there is the potential to have thousands see a personal endorsement for you. Also when they go to see other Alliance Members or check out our ads marketing the Alliance there is a high probability they see many other ads as well.
  • The networking group is run by the Facilitator or Designated Leader who usually has an invested interest in the growth and success of the group.  Although volunteers may be requested at times for their expertise, our group is not designed to lean heavily on already busy members or guilt or shame them into taking tedious ongoing volunteer positions! Our purpose is not to put you to work but rather to refer work to you!
  • By having social events and inviting your spouse’s we create a closer group and the better you get to know your fellow members the more likely you and your spouse will be to refer them.

Is RoanokeTXBA.com a Franchise?

No, we run independently of all other networking groups and are able to set our own guidelines, etc. Our website may be cloned and sold to people that wish to host additional networking groups throughout D/FW, Texas or even Nationwide.

How can I get an Alliance Networking Group Started in my area?

We can clone and customize a copy of our website for you where you can start your own group. You can use as much of the content, guidelines, etc. of our website for your site as you wish. You will have the same functionality as offered on www.RoanokeTXBA.com. Ultimately, you determine how you would like your group to function: the agenda, pricing structure, packages, rules and regulations as well as the categories you want available. To find out more email [email protected].